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If your organisation, including any connected companies or charities, has an annual pay bill of more than £3 million you will pay the apprenticeship levy through the apprenticeship service. If you don’t pay the levy, you will fund your apprentices in a different way.
1. Before setting up your account on the apprenticeship service

You can use this tool to estimate if your organisation will pay the apprenticeship levy and how much funding you’ll receive.

If you pay the levy you need to talk to:

  • the person who has access to your Government Gateway account because you will need to use this to set up your apprenticeship service account - you should do this as early as possible - (this is usually someone from your payroll department)
  • HR or someone from your training department who will work out your apprenticeship strategy and talk to training providers when you take on apprentices
  • your finance department who will make strategic decisions about how you will spend your levy funds
  • your payroll department who will work out how much levy you need to declare to HMRC each month

You need to decide who will have access to the apprenticeship service account - this will be staff who can:

  • approve apprenticeship data - for example, an HR or training manager
  • approve costs for training which are agreed with the training provider - for example, an HR or training manager
  • reconcile payments to training providers - for example, a member of your finance team
  • reconcile levy payments coming into the account - for example, someone from payroll
  • sign the agreement with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) - a senior member of staff who has the authority to sign a contract

You will need to work out how much apprenticeship levy you are due to pay each month and submit it to HRMC through the PAYE process.

2. Setting up multiple connected organisations in your account
3. Registering on the apprenticeship service
4. What to do after you’ve set-up your account
5. Using your account
6. Help

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