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ESOL courses are for people whose first language is not English. They will help you improve your reading, writing, spoken and written English; help you prepare to find a job and help you gain an ESOL qualification. Our qualified tutors will teach you online and/or in-person to help you develop your skills.

Our Current Programme offer is:

Entry Level: 1, 2, 3 and Level 2

Course Content

You will further develop your skills reading and writing as well as speaking and listening. You will develop knowledge of grammar, written conventions and texts. You will learn basic practical English for everyday life and for working in the UK and you will make progress with the basic grammar of English. The main focus of the class will be reading and writing but you will also have the chance to improve your speaking and listening skills.


Application Process

Applications for vacancies are completed by filling in the application form and sending the form to  this email: [email protected].

All applicants will need a pre-assessment or interview, review of prior qualifications and experience for suitability of the role.

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Important Information

Entry Requirements

You will be required to take an initial assessment to find out your level of English and if the course is suitable for you.

In general, the basic requirements for a course is:

  • Currently live in England    
  • Resident in the UK with a visa for the duration of the course   
  • Must be aged 18+   

More specific requirements if any will be discussed with you when you contact us.

Delivery Model And Duration

All programmes will be delivered using one of the following methods:

  • Face to face in a classroom
  • Online using MS Teams
  • Blended – a combination of face to face and online

The duration of programmes will also vary based on their level and type.  Typical durations are:

  • Certificates up to 6 months
You will prepare for ESOL Exams in speaking and listening, reading and writing at the level of your course.
Our programmes are designed to support learners to the next step. As a result, we are working hard with you to get you to either:
• A job
• An apprenticeship
• A higher level programme
If you are already in work, we would like to see your progress by:
• A promotion
• A salary increases
• A new job