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Message From The Director

Gertrude Logose

Director / Centre Manager

I am humbled to be the Director of London Vocational College.

LVC initially emerged as an individual pursuit during a period when I had the opportunities to interact with young mothers who seemed to have given up on their careers after starting families. The prevalent theme that emerged from our correspondence was that the individuals had given up hope for their professional aspirations and accepted their fate as housewives or mothers for the remainder of their lives.

It touched me heavily and coming from a background of a classroom teacher and an assessor in health and social care, I was convinced I had to do something.

I shared this passion with a few colleagues who encouraged me to set up a training centre which I registered as London College of Business Sciences, and later rebranded as London Vocational College.

My vision was to become a training provider focused on reviving lost hope and confidence of a “girl child”.

To achieve this, I started with basic mandatory training, and this empowered the very few that came with skills and knowledge leading them to getting jobs especially in health and social care. The word-of-mouth spread, and, in a few months, I had a reasonable turn-up.

I am too humbled to say that LVC moved from a one person’s passion to many more members who have brought on board their skills, good values to keep the dream burning. From just getting the learners into care jobs to making huge career progression like joining universities for nursing, social worker; beauty paras etc.

LVC has continued to deliver quality services not only in health and social care but diversified into many other disciplines. It has spread the vision from just a “girl child” to other genders.

I continue to invite everybody to join and support our communities empowering all to have confidence and life progression.



Gertrude Logose