I have been working in the care industry, had some training.

My Manager introduced the course to me at work and I thought it will help me to gain skills and work better. I spoke to other people about the course and I learnt that I could even get a better position on completion of the Apprenticeship.

We learnt about so many things, there were different units such as principles of safeguarding, promoting person-centeredness. Part of the course that was very interesting was equality and inclusion which I think should be practised more in the care industry.

The Apprenticeship has helped me to communicate more effectively at work and outside work. I have gained a lot of skills and would recommend it to all those that have not done it already.

The Apprenticeship is flexible with work schedules, instructive and educative. It is enjoyable because we learnt about what we do and how to do that better and professionally. There is a lot to learn which could not be learnt in just a work training.